June 6, 2022

New &Improved Look

Now have to access to Parlor’s Resource Center through which you can submit feedback directly to the Parlor team.

What's New

parlor brand update

Product Brand Update:

If you haven't already noticed, our product got a bit of a makeover. Coming off our website redesign that introduced the new Parlor branding, we decided it was time to freshen up the looks of our product. (No, you don't need to schedule an eye doctor appointment.)

Parlor in Parlor:

Have a question or want to give us feedback? You can now connect with us inside of Parlor via the Resource Center!

Quality of Life Improvements

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Survey Response UI updates and performance improvements - Overhauled the interaction when creating feedback from a survey response and improved the loading speed when selecting a Workspace.

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Delete Workspace Improvements - You can now delete a Workspace and move all Topics and Needs to a new Workspace in bulk simultaneously.

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Fixed a bug that prevented saving the order that resources appeared within the Resource Center.

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Improved capabilities of transferring Topics between Workspaces - When moving a Topic between Workspaces, the Topic’s Subtopics and directly associated feedback will also transfer into the new workspace.

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Attachments in Team Feedback Portal - You can now include attachments when submitting feedback through the Team Feedback Portal.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Added attachments as an option to the Team Feedback Portal.
Enabled deleting a Workspace.
Improved capabilities when transferring Topics between workspaces. Now when you transfer a Topic, all directly associated needs and Subtopics will migrate along with the Topic that was moved.
Fixed an issue that prevented the All Topics table to not load.
Fixed an issue in which a Subtopics did not display revenue data within the Topic Record.
Fixed an issue that prevented adding new resources to the Resource Center.
Fixed an issue that prevented enabling or disabling the Resource Center appearing within your product.
Fixed an issue that didn’t capture who from your team added feedback to Parlor.
Fixed an issue that prevented you from creating an Account through the Team Feedback Portal.
Survey Response improvements - Improved performance and interaction of creating needs from Survey Responses.
Workspace deletion improvements - when deleting a Workspace, you can now bulk move all Topics and Feedback.
Improved performance when moving Topics to a new Workspace.