Voice of the User

Users, understood.

A single source of truth for all customer needs, feedback, and sentiment captured across every team and tool in the business.

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All-in-oneVoice of the User System

Organize all customer needs into a single system of record, measure their actual business impact, and automatically close the loop with users as their needs are addressed.

A single source of truth.

Aggregate any type of feedback from any source – bug reports, product enhancements, support issues, sales blockers – into a single system of record for all outstanding customer needs.

a single source of truth

Business impact, measured.

Parlor utilizes what it knows about each user – e.g. their role, behavior, and the importance of the accounts they're in – to identify the most pervasive and impactful user needs, prioritized by request volume, revenue impact, and urgency.

Business impact measured product abstraction.

Redundancy, removed.

Parlor integrates with the tools you use to collect feedback and prioritize work – from Zendesk and Intercom to Jira and Linear – to help you make feedback management a company priority without requiring redundant efforts.

redundancy removed

Close the loop, automatically.

Because Parlor tracks each user, those users' needs, and your team's progress on those needs, it can automatically close the loop with customers as their individual needs are addressed.

Close the loop automatically product abstraction.

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One part of a complete User Relationship Management System.

Voice of the User is one of three core pillars in Parlor's URM. While teams can start with Voice of the User as a standalone product, the value of the system can be expanded dramatically by adopting other areas of Parlor's URM.

Want to collect feedback, run surveys, or put ideas up for a vote? You'll need User Engagement.

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