User Intent Tracking

Action, automated.

Any user insight. Every user behavior. Empower your teams with the data they need to identify and deeply understand the users that matter most to them.

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How it Works

Instantly take actionwhen users that matter do something that matters.

The users you care about.

Use any data property or user behavior captured by any team in your company to query for a Segment of users you want to deeply understand, track, and engage over time.

The behaviors you care about.

Know the exact moment – in real time – when specifics events, behaviors, or changes occur with any, some, or all of the users in your segments.

Your automated response.

When a Signal is triggered, it's time to intervene. Actions allow you to automate that response by telling Parlor what you want to do when the users you care about do something you care about.

Use Cases

User understanding for all.

Warehouses and CDPs are great, but they're unusable by 99% of employees. Parlor's URM is designed to lower the barrier by democratizing access to user insights across your entire organization to help teams do their jobs better.

Customer Team UMCustomer Teams UM flow
Product Team Use CaseProduct Team Use Case
GTM UMGTM User Management Flow
UX Team UMUX User Management Flow
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Curious how similar teams at other companies use Parlor's User Relationship Management system? We'll happily introduce you to one of our CSMs to talk you through what's possible.

One part of a complete User Relationship Management system.

User Intent Tracking is one of three core pillars in Parlor's URM. While teams can start with User Intent Tracking as a standalone product, the value of the system can be expanded dramatically by adopting other areas of Parlor's URM.

Want to know the most urgent feedback and needs for each of your user segments? You'll need Voice of the User.

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