User Engagement

Product, personalized.

Proactively engage each user with a unique onboarding, feedback, and in-product experience.

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engagement management

All-in-one, in-product user engagement system.

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Feedback Forms
Collect feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and support tickets.

Resource Center
Give users all the resources they need in one place in your product.

Feeds & Articles
Share news and updates, put features up for voting, tease your roadmap, and more.

Educate users with welcome guides and in-product walkthroughs.

Feedback Hub
Close the loop with users as their individual needs are addressed.

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Run NPS, CSAT, or Custom Surveys in product or over email.

Engage users way beyond support tickets and FAQs.

Shepherd your users.

Guides are customizable in-product walkthroughs and tutorials that you can use to welcome new users to your product, teach them how to use a certain feature, or drive deeper engagement with your product. A guide can include multiple steps with text, photos, videos, gifs, and CTAs. Guides can also be targeted at specific user Segments or within specific areas of your product.


Measure user health.

Micro-surveys allow you to engage specific groups of users during their natural use of your product. These are great for light touch, unobtrusive feedback collection, for example for NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort Score, etc. Parlor's Micro-surveys can also be delivered to users over email.


Keep users informed.

Feedback Hubs provides your customers with a personal in-product widget where they can track the status of their requests, have conversations with you about those needs, and even prioritize their needs. Feedback Hubs are the best way to scalably provide transparency and close the loop.

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Capture users' needs.

Feedback Forms allow you to customize how users submit feedback to your team in your product. Rather than burden the Support team with everything, Feedback Forms provide users with separate paths for any of their needs – such as Bug Reports, Feature Requests, and human Support.

Feedback Forms

Drive deeper engagement.

Every team wants to give users different types of resources. Maybe you want an in-app changelog of product updates. Or to put features up for a vote. Or even to tease your roadmap. Parlor's customizable Feeds & Articles let you do all of these (and more).

Feeds & Articles

Support users proactively.

Live chat, Support ticketing, a knowledge base, your changelog, feedback forms, tutorials... SaaS teams provide users with a lot of resources. Parlor's Resource Center allows you to provide users with a single in-app interface which they can use to access any resource whenever they need it.

Resource Center

Two segments. One product. Dramatically different experiences.

Two ways to get started:
Get the full system, or add items as you need them.

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User Engagement Bundle

Every tool you need to collect feedback from users, onboard and educate them, close the loop, and personalize their in-product experience.

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Engagement Modules

Already have some engagement tools or want to start small? With Parlor, you can purchase only the individual engagement mechanisms you need.

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One part of a complete User Relationship Management system.

User Engagement is one of three core pillars in Parlor's URM. While teams can start with User Engagement as a standalone product, the value of the system can be expanded dramatically by adopting other areas of Parlor's URM.

Want to target your engagement mechanisms at specific groups of users? You'll need User Intent Tracking.

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