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Customer Story

Evan Quinlan has led product management at Transparent Language for nearly 10 years. Transparent Language is an adaptive language learning platform primarily focused on supporting US government and defense organizations, such as the Department of Defense. It's a critical product, in a high stakes industry, with a user population that is deeply invested in the outcomes that the product provides.

As such, a lack of user feedback has never been Evan's problem. Transparent Language’s primary technology stack was HubSpot for their CRM, Confluence for documentation, and Jira for engineering task management. The team tried to fill in the gaps with a collection of other point solutions such as Survey Monkey for surveys, Trello for roadmap management, and a collection of live chat and adhoc customer meetings on the support side.

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Before Parlor, we were collecting feedback in a hodge-podge of tools, which I think is pretty common. Sometimes, things were written in emails, or Survey Monkey, or anecdotal in interviews or in calls. So it’s like, we tried to collect as much of that as we could in Jira, but it would just end up in a backlog. There was nowhere central where anyone could just go and see what was being requested by who. It was just scattered all over the place.

Additionally, Transparent Language struggled with open communication between teams. As many customer-facing teams can relate to, important information was siloed within the product team. The customer success team at Transparent Language was always finding out too late what the product team was working on. In their direct interactions with customers, the CS team would hear anecdotal requests all the time, but had no effective process for passing that information on, and no ability to track what happened to it once it finally reached the product team.

Enter Parlor. Parlor helped Transparent Language take all of that scattered feedback, regardless of source, and store it in a single system of record. Parlor’s feedback dashboard helps product folks, like Evan, make sense of the feedback that they have, and helps them prioritize the features that matter most to their users. With actionable analytics such as Open Opportunity Revenue and Number of VIP Requests, Parlor gives Transparent Language transparency (pun intended) into exactly what matters most to their most important users.

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Parlor just fills a gap in so many different ways; with Trello, and AirTable, and Excel, and Confluence documents, and Jira, and anything else you can think of. There’s so many ways you can try to sit down and gather all this user feedback coming in from everywhere, and Parlor’s the first tool that I feel like just does it for you.

Parlor’s roadmapping tool and simple UI allows anyone, not just the product team, to understand exactly what’s being prioritized and why. Transparent Language’s product team is able to focus on high-impact items and can effectively communicate to the entire organization (and their users) what their plan is, all through Parlor.

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Parlor’s already got my co-workers outside of my product management group talking about the product roadmap, which never happened before. The biggest difference now is that Parlor has opened up the product conversation, and the user feedback conversation, and getting everyone involved across departments.

Transparent Language is a unique platform that solves for a unique problem, but the issues of transparency and feedback management are quite common. Parlor provides them a centralized location to store and organize all of their existing feedback, easily understand prioritized customer needs and communicate transparently between all of their teams.

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People see Parlor, and they get it. It can immediately spark a conversation, no matter who it is, and it opens up this communication channel that didn’t exist before. And now more than ever, with so many people being remote, Parlor gives all of our teams a place to go, see what’s happening, and get on the same page about the future. So it’s really invaluable right now.