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User Requests

Individual User Roadmaps & Requests

Transform how your team incorporates feedback and requests by deeply personalizing the experience for users and unburdening your support team in the process.

User Requests Today

Random support tickets, triaged to the product team, exported to Excel, and rarely considered for the future.

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User Requests with Parlor

Unite your product and customer teams by routing feedback and requests to the team best equipped to handle them.

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Say goodbye to support tickets & excel sheets.

Set expectations with users by requiring them to prioritize their requests.

Crowdsource ideas publicly, ensuring they resonate across a wider audience.

Track and compare all requests across each user's unique roadmap.

Unburden Support by routing feature requests directly to the product team.

How it works in Parlor.

Let VIP Users create personal, prioritized roadmaps of requests, crowdsource feedback on those ideas, and build a passionate community around the improvement of your product.

User requests one

Streamline and personalize how users submit requests.

Unburden your support team by directly route feature requests to your product team and combine similar requests submitted by different users into one singular User Need.

User requests two

Require users to prioritize their requests.

Users who submit multiple requests are instantly required to prioritize them, setting expectation and creating personal roadmaps that help your team focus their efforts.

User requests three

Crowdsource feedback on the best ideas.

Promote the best requests by putting them up for a vote, allowing users to collaborate inside your product and help you better understand the needs of your users.

User requests four

Track and compare individual user roadmaps.

View all active requests submitted, associated revenue, and full request history in each user's individual account.

User Relationship Management software.

An all-in-one software for product, customer, and sales teams to unite around the needs of their users.

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Feedback Management

Manage the entire feedback lifecycle, from collection to announcement.

Key features:

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Contextual User Surveys
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Priority Management

Prioritize your roadmap needs based on quantifiable data and validated user input.

Key features:

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Personal User Roadmap
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Account Management

Keep your users in the loop and manage all of your user information, all in one place.

Key features:

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User Council Management
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In-App Announcements
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Cameron Curry

Parlor Discovery Specialist

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Yonas Dinkneh

Parlor Discovery Specialist

More Than Just Software

One-on-one guidance from your dedicated Discovery specialist – whenever you need it.

Every paid Parlor subscription comes with a dedicated Discovery specialist. This isn't customer support; it's a direct connection to a trained Product Manager to help you plan, manage, and execute on your Discovery efforts.

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