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User Groups
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Customer Councils

Not Support. Customer Collaboration.

Collect actionable feedback from your VIP customers, helping you make informed decisions and directly engage the people who actually use your product most.

Traditional User Feedback

Executed randomly, reactive instead of proactive, reliant on non-users, and anecdotal instead of holistic.

Ad hoc surveys sent to users at irregular intervals

Survey on a clipboard

Inbound support tickets rarely reviewed by the product team

Support ticket

Anecdotal sales convos. filtered through a sales rep

Head talking money

Random usability testers with no product knowledge

Person Silhouette

Customer teams with dozens of off-hand requests

Survey on a clipboard
Boring Roadmap

The result:

A fractured understanding of users' needs, resulting in a well-planned roadmap full of expensive duds.

Hopping mad

Customer Collaboration with Parlor

Proactive engagement with VIP users over time, resulting in validated feedback that shows the business impact.

Thoughtful creation of User Groups

Group of eggs

Early validation of efforts being considered

Thumbs up

Frequent & consistent feedback from users

Talking Head

Practical, contextual approach to user research

Person Silhouette

Deep collaboration with your VIP customer

Parlor panel in your app

The result:

Better products. More deeply engaged users. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional efforts.

Super happy

Think beyond analytics and support tickets.

Prioritize specific voices – not all users' opinions are equal.

Build lasting rapport with those who matter most to you.

Compare insights across groups to focus on proper signals.

Foster a new type of Collaboration Qualified power user.

How it works in Parlor.

Provoke deeply valuable feedback by inviting users into User Groups, engaging them throughout the feedback process, and comparing the results across different cohorts.

Users one

Identify specific users as potential Collaborators.

Invite users you want to engage in your feedback management system based on shared characteristics, such as 'Highest Paying Customers', Customer Advisory Board', or 'Most Active Users'.

Users two

Recruit them into highly-
focused User Groups.

Invited users have access to Parlor's in-app functionality and direct communication with your product and customer teams, allowing you to build a solid relationship with your most important users.

Users three

Conduct research, preview features, & engage deeply.

Users in your User Groups can submit requests, participate in research studies, preview potential new features, or join in on town hall discussions.

Users four

Analyze results to make user-validated decisions.

The results of your collaborative efforts are collected in your Parlor dashboard, comparable across User Groups and broken down into actionable insights.

User Relationship Management software.

An all-in-one software for product, customer, and sales teams to unite around the needs of their users.

thumbs up each-other

Feedback Management

Manage the entire feedback lifecycle, from collection to announcement.

Key features:

Magnifying glass
Contextual User Surveys
feature approved
Preview Potential Features
hand binoculars

Priority Management

Prioritize your roadmap needs based on quantifiable data and validated user input.

Key features:

Feedback speech bubble coming form mouth
Personal User Roadmap
feature approved
Preview Potential Features
High fiving your users

Account Management

Keep your users in the loop and manage all of your user information, all in one place.

Key features:

organizing users
User Council Management
feature announcement celebration
In-App Announcements
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Cameron Curry

Parlor Discovery Specialist

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Yonas Dinkneh

Parlor Discovery Specialist

More Than Just Software

One-on-one guidance from your dedicated Discovery specialist – whenever you need it.

Every paid Parlor subscription comes with a dedicated Discovery specialist. This isn't customer support; it's a direct connection to a trained Product Manager to help you plan, manage, and execute on your Discovery efforts.

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