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Product Announcements

In-App Product Announcements

Parlor's Product Announcements transform your typical run-of-the-mill changelog into moments of Discovery & celebration for you and your users.

Typical Product Changelogs

Describe the product changes you've made so your users are aware of what your team has improved.

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Parlor's Announcements

Leverage your releases to thank users who helped, measure their reactions, and crowdsouce new ideas.

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Not ready for the full platform?

We believe you should celebrate every new release, so Announcements are now available in a free version of Parlor.

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How it works in Parlor.

Celebrate your hard work by announcing new releases to your users, giving credit to those who helped, and letting Parlor measure the success of those releases.

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Integrate Parlor into your product.

Use Parlor's JS snippet or Google Tag Manager to quickly integrate and then brand Parlor so that it fits seemlessly inside of your own product experience.

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Announce new updates to your users.

Whenever you complete and release something new, use Parlor to craft a beautiful announcement which can then be shared with users directly inside of your product.

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Celebrate by giving credit to specific users.

As part of your announcements, you can give thanks to specific users who helped along the way – and by doing so show all users that you're actually listening.

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Analyze the success of your releases.

Parlor Announcements do more than inform users of your updates; they measure their success by capturing your users' reactions and comparing across cohorts.

All-in-one feedback and discovery software.

Everything you need to take a Discovery-driven approach to product management by putting user feedback, research, and roadmap validation at the heart of your efforts.

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Roadmap Validation

Software to help you validate the impact of potential new features.

Key features:

feature approved
Preview Potential Features
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In-App Announcements
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Need Discovery

Software to help you discover what matters most to your users.

Key features:

Magnifying glass
Contextual User Surveys
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Personal User Roadmap
High fiving your users

Customer Collaboration

Software to help you engage your most valuable customers.

Key features:

organizing users
User Council Management
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In-App Product Town Hall
Cameron ds
Cameron Curry

Parlor Discovery Specialist

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Yonas Dinkneh

Parlor Discovery Specialist

More Than Just Software

One-on-one guidance from your dedicated Discovery specialist – whenever you need it.

Every paid Parlor subscription comes with a dedicated Discovery specialist. This isn't customer support; it's a direct connection to a trained Product Manager to help you plan, manage, and execute on your Discovery efforts.

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