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What is Contextual User Research?

Contextual User Research is a highly practical, efficient, and effective approach to surfacing critical insights by engaging your real users during their natural journey through your product.

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Research your actual users' intent, behavior, and preferences at the moment they engage in a relevant part of your product.

Analyze and compare results across user cohorts, against prior studies of the same type, and in relation to industry standards.

Why are in-app contextual surveys better?

Accurate: Focus on your real users, not random testers.

Relevant: Presented directly in your product experience.

Non-disruptive: Engages user at the moment when relevant.

Actionable: Results analyzed across different User Groups.

How it works in Parlor.

Effortlessly create accurate and actionable user research studies, customize exactly when and how to present them to users, and analyze your results to focus your efforts.

Research study one

Choose the right survey.

Choose one of Parlor's designed and validated surveys – each with its own defined use case and set of best practices – or create a unique one of your own.

Research study two

Customize it to fit your needs exactly.

Set your hypothesis, customize how users will interact with your survey, and choose who on your team will be directly responsible for the results.

Research study three

Run your survey with specific User Groups.

Select the user groups you want to study, decide when they will encounter the survey in your product, and finally publish the survey to instantly begin collecting results.

Research study four

We analyze the results to focus your efforts.

We collect and analyze the results in real time, showing you comparisons across different user groups, against prior studies, and in the context of industry standards.

User Relationship Management software.

An all-in-one software for product, customer, and sales teams to unite around the needs of their users.

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Feedback Management

Manage the entire feedback lifecycle, from collection to announcement.

Key features:

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Contextual User Surveys
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Priority Management

Prioritize your roadmap needs based on quantifiable data and validated user input.

Key features:

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Personal User Roadmap
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Account Management

Keep your users in the loop and manage all of your user information, all in one place.

Key features:

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User Council Management
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In-App Announcements
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Parlor Discovery Specialist

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Parlor Discovery Specialist

More Than Just Software

One-on-one guidance from your dedicated Discovery specialist – whenever you need it.

Every paid Parlor subscription comes with a dedicated Discovery specialist. This isn't customer support; it's a direct connection to a trained Product Manager to help you plan, manage, and execute on your Discovery efforts.

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