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What is Concept Validation?

Concept validation is a process of showing design concepts or prototypes to users very early on into the process in order to validate that you're on the right track.

Without Concept Validation

Immediately start developing ideas after they've been designed, risking time and money spent building expensive duds.

Workflow concept validation non

With Concept Validation

Validate the potential impact of your ideas before spending all of the time, money, and effort required to build them.

Workflow concept validation

The cost of skipping early validation.

The initial development cost of new features only accounts for 1/3 of the long-term cost of maintaining those features.

In 2018, publicly-traded software companies reported spending nearly $30,000,000,000 on features that were 'rarely or never used'.

How it works in Parlor.

Create previews of all the ideas you're thinking of working on, share them with your users, and collect feedback to determine if you should move forward with them.

Concept validation one

Create a beautiful preview of what you're working on.

Choose a preview template, add your branding, describe your idea, and include any designs, video demos, or prototypes which help illustrate what you’re working on.

Concept validation two

Integrate your favorite go-to resource.

Include designs or prototypes from InVision, Marvel, Figma, Balsamiq, or Dribbble. Embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Or add a custom survey via Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, or Typeform.

Concept validation three

Collaborate by collecting feedback.

You then can instantly share in-app or create a unique custom link for your concept which can be shared with any of your users, customers, friends, or testers for them to review, give feedback, and discuss with both you and other recipients.

Concept validation four

Validate ideas before over-committing.

With Parlor, you can validate your idea early, ensure you’re designing them the right way the first time, and de-risk your efforts by weeding out the duds long before fully committing to them.

User Relationship Management software.

An all-in-one software for product, customer, and sales teams to unite around the needs of their users.

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Feedback Management

Manage the entire feedback lifecycle, from collection to announcement.

Key features:

Magnifying glass
Contextual User Surveys
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Preview Potential Features
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Priority Management

Prioritize your roadmap needs based on quantifiable data and validated user input.

Key features:

Feedback speech bubble coming form mouth
Personal User Roadmap
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Preview Potential Features
High fiving your users

Account Management

Keep your users in the loop and manage all of your user information, all in one place.

Key features:

organizing users
User Council Management
feature announcement celebration
In-App Announcements
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Every paid Parlor subscription comes with a dedicated Discovery specialist. This isn't customer support; it's a direct connection to a trained Product Manager to help you plan, manage, and execute on your Discovery efforts.

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