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Feedback Management in Parlor

More than just another feedback collection tool.

The last thing you need is more feedback, so we help you make the most of the feedback you already have. Parlor consolidates and organizes all your data, regardless of the team or tool that collected it.

manage and organize your feedback in parlor

Collect feedback

Replace all your standalone feedback collection tools with a single solution.


• Submit feature requests and bug reports directly from your product in a highly personal way.

• Run surveys and send feature previews at the right moment during a user's natural use of the product.

• Allow your users to vote on new features to understand if their individual user needs are shared by the rest of your user population.

Consolidate feedback

Integrate your existing support and feedback tools to aggregate feedback from any source into a single system of record.


• Enable your team to directly send customer feedback into Parlor from within the tools they’re already using (e.g. Zendesk, Slack)

• Import all of your pre-existing feedback in your CRM, Airtable, or Excel spreadsheets to immediately create a feedback source of record.

Segment users into distinct cohorts (e.g. your enterprise customers) to better understand how important the feedback is to specific customer types.

prioritizing features in Parlor
Close the loop by updating your users when the their requested featurs go live

Organize feedback

Clearly identify the most pervasive and impactful user needs by organizing all customer feedback into Parlor.


• Merge similar feedback from many different users into a single, trackable User Need.

• Track ongoing, critical feedback themes across your different user populations.

• Add custom tags, include notes from user interviews, and assign admins on your team to ensure Parlor works within your process.

Check out some of Parlor’s integrations.

Integrate the tools that matter to you – from CRMs and support tools to Slack and Jira – so Parlor can fit seamlessly into your workflow and replace the tools you no longer need.

Jira icon


Connect relevant insights in Parlor directly to Jira tickets.

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Sync customer data to feedback in Parlor to validate its impact.

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Slack icon


Let your team add new feedback to Parlor directly from Slack.

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Zendesk icon


Route feedback received from your Zendesk tickets into Parlor.

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Route feedback received from Intercom live-chat into Parlor.

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Sync user needs in Parlor back to your customer records in HubSpot.

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A Feedback Management System for optimizing the entire feedback lifecycle.

Parlor organizes all feedback into a single system of record, quantifies the highest impact needs, and automatically closes the loop with your users.

Collect and Organize

Collect & Organize

Aggregate feedback from any source into a single system of record to catalogue critical feedback trends and needs.

Validate & Prioritize

Prioritize & Validate

Identify the most pervasive and impactful needs to ensure your team is working on the highest priorities.

Communicate and Educate

Communicate & Educate

Automatically close the loop by communicating progress and improvements back to the users who requested them.