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Á la carte pricing that scales with your needs.

Select the Right Module For You

Package Options in Parlor

Expand With Optional Add-Ons

Package Options in Parlor Parlor Add-On Surveys

Only what you need. Nothing else.

Parlor’s pricing is simple. Select the core solution you need (discounts applied with each additional module purchased). After that, pick and choose add-ons to your heart’s content.

Customer Management

For Customer Teams

Monitor customers across critical lifecycle stages, track the status of their unmet needs, and identify key risk indicators for users in accounts.

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Popular included integrations:

Hubspot (CRM)




Feedback Management

Customer & Product Teams

Organize customer feedback into a single system of record, quantify the business impact of their needs, and close the loop with users.

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Popular included integrations:

Hubspot (CRM), Salesforce,


Jira, Linear, Clubhouse

Zendesk, Intercom, Help Scout,

Priority Management

For Product Teams

Plan and visualize product efforts in a transparent, customizable workspace that connects priorities to customer revenue and feedback.

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Popular included integrations:





Every module includes:


User-Facing Announcements

Announce product updates and news to users both in-product and over email.


In-Product Resource Center

An in-product widget which provides end users with the resources they need.


Unlimited Admin Seats

Parlor’s pricing is based on modules, not admin seats, so everyone who needs access can have it.

Looking for a little extra?

Each module purchased includes what you need to get you started, but can be expanded with a collection of global and module specific add-ons. Check out a handful of these below.

Sample Add-Ons

User Segmentation
Segment users into distinct cohorts to engage, collect, and compare feedback.
Deliver pre-built or custom surveys to users both in-product and over email.
In-Product Feedback Hub
An in-product widget for users to submit feedback, vote on requests, prioritize requests, and receive status updates.
Behavioral Event Triggers
Track users’ in-product behavior to understand engagement, dynamically create user segments, and share surveys and announcements.
Custom Integrations
Connect Parlor to any of your existing tools/services via a custom integration.


What are Parlor’s pricing terms?

All of Parlor’s subscriptions are annual. All optional add-ons have a monthly add-on price, allowing them to be added at any point during your subscription. We price based on features and functionality, but for companies with a large user base, there may be an additional technical cost for implementation.

Do you provide discounts?

Discounts are provided as additional modules are added. The more modules, the deeper the discount. These bundled discounts apply to both the base module and any of the optional add-ons. One of our team members can walk you through how Parlor is priced and help you create a package with discounts.

Who owns Parlor?

Parlor is designed to be a shared space across product and customer teams. While specific modules tend to be adopted and used by specific teams (e.g. Customer Management is primarly used by customer success teams), nearly all of Parlor’s customers are using Parlor to align multiple internal teams.

How long does implementation take?

We consider the first month of the subscription the “onboarding period”, but implementation doesn’t take anywhere near this long. A typical Parlor customer is fully integrated within the first two weeks.

Can Parlor support custom integrations?

Parlor integrates a standard set of popular tools at no additional charge. For any integration out of this standard set, we can support it as a premium add-on, and this price is dependent on the technical cost for Parlor to set it up. Curious if we can support your specific integration in mind? We use an integration partner, tray.io. Anything they can support, we can support.

Is Parlor secure?

Every customer’s privacy and security requirements are different, but Parlor supports companies in all industries, including those with notoriously strict privacy concerns, e.g. health care, fintech, edtech, etc. You can access an overview of our security policy here.

Do you offer trials?

In order for you to get the full experience, Parlor has to integrate with all of your pre-existing tools, which just isn’t feasible with a short-term trial. The reason is simple: each of these integrations costs us money, and without these integrations, the experience is incomplete. However, we do provide a full refund period for all customers.

Aren’t you that free speech social media platform?

Nope. We spell Parlor the right way. 😁