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Á la carte pricing that scales with your needs.

User Relationship Management Essentials

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Premium In-Product Add Ons

Package Options in Parlor Parlor Add-On Surveys

Only what you need. Nothing else.

Parlor’s pricing is simple. A base platform fee gives you access to Parlor’s core User Relationship Management System. After that, pick and choose add-on’s to your heart’s content.

Core features in every plan.

manage and organize your feedback in parlor

User Relationship Management Essentials

  • A single source of record for all internal teams to aggregate, organize, and analyze customer feedback, regardless of source.

  • Integrate your four most important tools: your CRM, support ticketing/live chat, engineering task management, and Slack.

  • Import existing feedback from AirTable, Excel, or Sheets.

  • Merge similar feedback from different users to clearly understand critical trends.

  • Analyze feedback trends to identify the most pervasive and impactful user needs, such as volume or requests or revenue impact.

Optional add-ons to manage the entire feedback lifecycle in one platform.

Popular Optional Feature Add-Ons

Announce product updates and news to users both in-product and over email.
In-Product Feedback Hub
An in-product hub, through which users can submit feedback, prioritize requests, and receive updates on their needs.
User Segmentation
Segment users into distinct cohorts to engage, collect, and compare feedback.
Deliver pre-built or custom surveys to users both in-product and over email.
Concept Validation
Validate potential updates with users by collecting feedback on early ideas, design mockups, or prototypes.
Behavioral Event Triggers
Trigger surveys to users based on their in-product behavior and activity.