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Parlor streamlines your tools

How it works.

Parlor is designed to marry insights about your users from three key toolsets: those that capture information about customer accounts (your CRM), those that capture insights about individual users (ticketing, chat, analytics, etc.), and those that manage your teams’ work (Jira, Linear, Clubhouse, etc.).

Customer Management dashboard with Account Record

Step 1: Connect Your CRM

Capture all critical customer account information.

Parlor is designed to pick up where your CRM leaves off – at the moment a prospect becomes a customer. When you integrate Parlor with your CRM, all relevant account, revenue, and opportunity data will bi-directionally sync between your CRM and Parlor. This ensures Parlor is always aware of the impact that each of your customers has on your business.

prioritizing features in Parlor

Step 2: Connect Support, Feedback, & Analytics

Unite disconnected insights into one system.

Parlor integrates with any point solutions that your internal teams use to capture user insights, such as support ticketing systems, live chat tools, feedback collection software, analytic platforms, or even Slack. By integrating with these siloed tools, Parlor can uncover critical learnings that would have otherwise been invisible.

Priority Management dashboard

Step 3: Connect Your Task Management Tools

Improve transparency with your teams and users.

Integrate Parlor with your engineering task management system, such as Jira, to keep both your internal teams and your end users in the loop. Parlor automatically updates everyone involved as your team makes progress in addressing any outstanding customer needs, requests, or blockers.

Parlor unites them all.

Parlor connects all your tools
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Cameron Curry
Implementation Specialist

How do I set it up?
You decide.

Although integrations can be set up entirely on your own, every Parlor customer has access to a dedicated Implementation Specialist who can set up all of your integrations for free. During the first week of your subscription, your team will walk your Implementation Specialist through the tools you would like to integrate, and we’ll take care of the rest. A typical Parlor customer is fully integrated within the first two weeks.


Average number of connected tools per customer.

100 %

Percentage of customers who integrate other tools with Parlor.


Average number of minutes spent setting up integrations.

Check out some of Parlor’s integrations.

Integrate the tools that matter to you – from CRMs and support tools to Slack and Jira – so Parlor can fit seamlessly into your workflow and replace the tools you no longer need.

Jira icon


Connect relevant insights in Parlor directly to Jira tickets.

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Salesforce icon


Sync customer data to feedback in Parlor to validate its impact.

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Slack icon


Let your team add new feedback to Parlor directly from Slack.

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Zendesk icon


Route feedback received from your Zendesk tickets into Parlor.

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Intercom icon


Route feedback received from Intercom live-chat into Parlor.

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Hubspot icon


Sync user needs in Parlor back to your customer records in HubSpot.

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