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Parlor's Collect & Organize Dashboard with a request submitted from Zendesk Parlor's add feedback integration in Zendesk

How it works.

Route product insights received from your Zendesk tickets into Parlor to ensure that all feedback received is stored in one location.

Add user needs to Jira issues

Add feedback to Parlor directly from Zendesk.

While triaging tickets, your support team may uncover valuable product feedback. With Parlor’s Zendesk integration, your team can quickly route this feedback directly to Parlor.

By sending all feedback into a single system of record, your product team will be able to easily identify and prioritize the most pervasive and impactful user needs.

Check out some of Parlor’s integrations.

Integrate the tools that matter to you – from CRMs and support tools to Slack and Jira – so Parlor can fit seamlessly into your workflow and replace the tools you no longer need.

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Connect relevant insights in Parlor directly to Jira tickets.

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Sync customer data to feedback in Parlor to validate its impact.

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Let your team add new feedback to Parlor directly from Slack.

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Route feedback received from your Zendesk tickets into Parlor.

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Route feedback received from Intercom live-chat into Parlor.

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Sync user needs in Parlor back to your customer records in HubSpot.

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