December 2020 Product Updates

Our holiday wish this year was to keep building awesome things for awesome customers, and we’re here to say that our wish came true! Check out all the new things Parlor launched this past month, and keep an eye out for even more updates in the new year! (We’re comin for ya, 2021…)

Priority Management

Transparency of the roadmap – what’s being prioritized and why – is one of the most common pain points that we hear between customer and product teams. You can now manage all of your priorities with Parlor’s Priority Management, which acts as home base for planning and executing on current and future priorities.

Today’s release is the first of several phases of updates to our initial version of  Priority Management. So keep an eye out for some exciting new updates to this tool in the near future, including custom properties on Priorities that will enable you to completely customize your workspace!

Multiple Choice Survey Questions

When creating a Custom Survey in Parlor, you’ll now have access to the Response Type ‘Multiple Choice’ that enables you to send a multiple choice survey to your users. As always, you’ll still be able to create your own custom survey or choose one of our pre-built surveys, such as NPS or Feature Fit Index. This additional response formatting option gives you more flexibility in what types of questions you’re asking your users and the kind of feedback you’re collecting.

Admin Notifications + @ mentions

Ask and you shall receive! One of the most requested features was a way to stay up-to-date with notifications and teammates. Now you’ll never miss a beat on new feedback, messages from your users, or status changes on Requests or User Needs with Parlor’s new notification system. Need additional details or want to quickly notify your teammate about an important update to one of their accounts? Simply @ them to send them a notification!

Updated filtering options

Instead of trying to manually track or do mental gymnastics to understand emerging user needs, we’ve gone ahead and added new filtering options so you can quickly and easily reorganize feedback. Want to only show the User Needs from your highest revenue customers with renewal dates in the next 90 days? Use the updated filtering menu on the ‘All Organized Feedback’ or ‘Explore User Needs’ pages. Organizing your feedback in new ways will help you better understand the business impact of your users needs and what you need to prioritize to better support them.

+1 feedback on User Needs

As you organize feedback from multiple sources into one central location in Parlor you may start to notice that a lot of users end up requesting the same feature or offering similar insights. Rather than spending your day manually adding the same type of information over and over again, in Parlor you can quickly leave a +1 on any User Need if you know a user or account has a similar need. You’ll continue to validate ongoing and emerging feedback trends, but save time doing it!

Stuff your stockings with these other improvements:

Updated text editor – more options to format your notes in Parlor with the new text editor (yes, you’ll be able to do bullet points now 🙂).

Updated default Parlor trigger – We’ve replace the current default Parlor trigger with a more standard ‘?’ to provide better clarity to your users

Updated feedback modal – When adding or editing feedback in Parlor, you’ll now have the option to add or change the User Need directly from the feedback modal.

Admin + URL source indicator – You’ll no longer be left in the dark on where feedback in Parlor came from. We’ll now show the Url of the page your user was on when they submitted feedback or who from your team created the feedback in Parlor.

Primary Contact + Decision Maker – Flag specific individuals as the Primary Contact or Decision Maker on a Company.

Resolve User Need – Once the status of one of your User Needs is changed to ‘Released’ or ‘Not Considering’, you’ll now have the option to “Resolve Need” so that you and your team can focus on the next high impact User Needs.

Phew… I think that just about wraps this holiday month up. Don’t see something that was on your wish list? Have a New Year’s Resolution we can help with? Feel free to let us know, and as always, make sure you subscribe to our biweekly newsletter to stay up to date on all things Parlor.