Episode #39:

Happy Holidays! Re-release of Dealing with Constant Change

It is officially the holiday season, and that means (unfortunately) no new Without a Roadmap episode this week. But Cam and Yonas wanted to hop on real quick to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and to revisit an old podcast episode! With COVID-19 and everything happening in the world, responsibilities and priorities at a small tech startup are constantly shifting, and even since we released this episode in July, things at Parlor have changed a lot. So it’s always important to be ready for any challenge that comes your way and to prepare for any situation!

Cam and Yonas will be taking next week off for the holidays as well, but they’ll be back in 2021 with a brand new series that focuses on the ins and outs of the product lifecycle and all things product management. So with that, leave us a review or a comment, subscribe to the podcast, and have a happy holiday season!