Is Parlor’s URM a replacement for my CRM?

No. The URM is not a replacement for your CRM; it’s designed to pick up where your CRM leaves off – the moment an account becomes a group of users. 100% of Parlor’s customers bi-directionally integrate their CRM – most commonly Salesforce and HubSpot – with Parlor’s URM. This allows them to utilize the critical data stored in the account records of their CRM to empower their work in Parlor. This also allows Parlor to send the insights captured from its direct engagement with your end users into the relevant account records in your CRM.  The result: employees using your CRM are empowered by insights from Parlor’s URM, and employees using Parlor’s URM can leverage the critical data stored in your CRM. 

How are CRMs and URMs different?

Due to their origins as prospect closing tools, CRMs are designed to focus primarily on the account as the central atomic unit. As such, CRMs excel at supporting teams and use cases focused largely on the account, i.e. the sales process and account management. However, CRMs are notoriously shallow when it comes to providing a deep level of insight into individual or key segments of users that are similar to one another in ways other than being a part of the same account. They also tend to lack meaningful ways to personalize engagement with those users during their natural, ongoing use of your product. This makes CRMs largely unhelpful in supporting use cases and teams in the organization which are inherently user-centric. These shortcomings are detrimental to modern SaaS companies who are increasingly relying on user success as a competitive differentiator beyond simple feature differentiation, which is becoming less reliable as a long-term competitive advantage. User Relationship Management fills in these gaps by instead focusing on your users, each of whom has a unique relationship to your product and impact on your business, far beyond just the accounts with which they’re associated. 

What can a User Relationship Management system do?

Parlor’s URM is designed to align your entire organization around a deep understanding of your most important users, their needs and behavior, and their impact on your business. Need to know when at-risk enterprise decision makers attempt to export their data? Want to measure the revenue impact of the most commonly requested product enhancement? Parlor’s URM can help. It does this by first integrating with the other tools in your stack to take the incomplete data insights captured about each user in those standalone point solutions and merging them into one Unified User Record for every user in your ecosystem. This underlying technology is then used to drive three primary functionality modules – User Management, Feedback Management, and Engagement Management – each of which can be used together or entirely standalone.

    • User Management: Use any data property or user behavior captured by any team to query for a segment of users you want to understand, track, and engage over time.
    • Feedback Management: Organize and measure the impact of all customer needs in one system of record, regardless of feedback type or collection source.
    • Engagement Management: Directly engage each user to personalize their in-product experience, collect their feedback, and close the loop as their needs are addressed.