New month, new quarter, new updates from Parlor! From improving the general user experience to launching brand-spankin’ new features, check out all the exciting changes we’ve made to the product since you last heard from us.

Add Notes Everywhere

We’ve noticed a lot of Parlor users store feedback in notes; notes in your brain, notes on a Google Sheet, notes in a private Slack channel, even notes on a sticky note. That’s why we’ve added the ability to write notes within User Needs, User Records, and Company Records. Just did a user interview with one of your customers to get feedback on design mock-ups or general workflow improvements? Add those user interview notes to the most relevant User Need or User Record so that it doesn’t get stuck in a google doc or confluence page.

Adding notes to a User Need in Parlor lets you store all feedback, thoughts, and learning related to a specific User Need in a central location. With everything stored in one place, you’ll never have to hunt down that one-off quote from a customer or comb through spreadsheets to find that one related request.

Turn Comments into Feedback

Users often leave comments on discovery features, such as announcements, surveys, and requests live for a vote. Now, you can flag any of these comments as a piece of feedback so that you can review and organize it along with the rest of your feedback. Just click the “Mark as Feedback” button on the comment and you’ll be able to categorize the piece of feedback as a request or insight. The comment will auto-populate in the Feedback Details section, and it’ll link directly back to the discovery effort that it was originally commented on. 

Automatic Status Change Messages

One of the handiest features of Parlo is automatically notifying users when the status of their request has changed. To make things even easier, we’ve added the option to automatically send bulk direct messages to users as their needs have been addressed. No more manual outreach to let a user know that their request is now live in your product, or to explain why your team is focusing on a different aspect of the product for now; Parlor will do it for you.

Add Users & Organize Feedback During Feedback Upload

Previously in Parlor, you couldn’t create a new user when uploading feedback and could only assign feedback to an existing user.This was to ensure that you always knew exactly where each piece of feedback was coming from. However, there was no way to associate feedback to a new user that wasn’t already in Parlor. So, now, you can create a new user as you’re uploading feedback along with feedback titles and descriptions. You can still upload feedback to existing users, and we will create a new user for you if you try uploading a piece of feedback to a user that does not currently exist.

Plus, you can create User Needs and Themes as you’re uploading feedback, so that you can organize your feedback as it enters the Parlor system. 

New Request Types

One of the most requested features is the ability to distinguish the type of request a specific piece of feedback is. Well, we heard you! You can now categorize requests into three different types: bug report, feature request, enhancement. A bug report is exactly what you would expect; a feature request is feedback asking for a brand new aspect of your product, and an enhancement is a request to improve an existing aspect of your product. Organizing your feedback in this way will help you better understand the needs of your users and what exactly they’re asking for.

Explore All User Needs

Instead of sifting through buckets of Themes to find a specific User Need, you can now view all your User Needs sorted by status of completion. Prioritize User Needs within a specific status column (i.e., within your “Planned” bucket, prioritize the ones that you’re engineering team will work on next), or filter User Needs based on the status of completion (i.e., only view User Needs within the “In Progress” status). Drag and drop User Needs into different status columns as the needs are being addressed.

Phew, alright, I think that’s enough for now. Got any questions or requests? Feel free to reach out to us! And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog follow along on all things Parlor.