Think of a product you use or website you frequently visit. How do you contact support, give feedback, or request new features? Where do you go to learn about product releases? Is there a FAQ or knowledge base you browse? What about a customer forum? Do you also read their blog? Product teams are now using so many secondary tools to enrich their users’ experiences that there are now SaaS products designed to help teams manage their SaaS products. Meta, right?

With all of these resources now playing valuable – even critical – roles in our user experiences, it’s important to ensure that they’re seamlessly integrated and are conveniently available. Unfortunately, most companies are forced to connect these resources in a variety of different locations, such as embedded chat bubbles, navigation icons, or footer links. Fortunately, there’s now a growing trend in best-in-class products providing their users with a single, in-app space where all of these resources are integrated. At Parlor, we refer to this as a product’s “Town Hall”.

Product Town Halls in Well Known Products

Although the execution differs, most product town halls we see today – e.g. Notion, GoDaddy, Google, and Facebook – are a single in-app window through which companies integrate different tools. Some, like GoDaddy, make this a truly rich and branded experience. Others simply present menus which are prominently linked to within the app.

Either way, the goal is to allow users to easily find and access any secondary tool or resource they need to get the most out of the product experience.

While this is a great start, it only begins to tap into the full value that a product town hall can provide to users.

Designing a Product Town Hall with Impact

Beyond just linking to valuable resources, the true promise of a town hall is a way to build an engaged, supportive in-app user community around the usage and improvement of your product. It’s not just a place where users go to find a link to another tool. It’s a place where discussion and education happens.

A thoughtfully designed town hall can act as both a community builder and your users’ North Star.

It provides a single location where they can find everything they need to be successful in your product such as:

  • Staying up to date on new features
  • Requesting new features or changes
  • Learning advanced product functionality
  • Discussing best-practices with other users
  • Getting help from support when they need it
  • Giving feedback on ways to improve your product
  • Personalizing their in-product settings and subscriptions

Understanding the Value of a Product Town Hall

Collecting your secondary tools into a single, centralized location is a great first step toward creating a genuine product town hall. However, to truly provide your users with the most value, a town hall needs to offer users a deeper sense of connection with both each other and with your team. The best product town halls are places which breathe community, where users can directly connect with other users to share knowledge and best practices, all while providing them with the additional resources they need to be successful in your product. 

Ready to improve your users’ experience with a Product Town Hall?