Today, we are thrilled to announce an update that will improve the way you’re managing and triaging feedback within Parlor. Check out everything we’ve pushed out over the past week!

Introducing the Team Inbox

To get the most out of Parlor, you need to be able to organize and triage your feedback as quickly and effectively as possible. Today, we’ve released an overhaul to how feedback triaging works inside of Parlor’s Feedback Inbox. 

Starting today, all customer feedback that is collected or stored in Parlor will first land in the new ‘Team Inbox’. From here, feedback needs to be organized, triaged, and/or responded to. Feedback leaves the Team Inbox in 3 ways:

  1. Being organized into a User Need or a Tag
  2. Being assigned to a team member
  3. Being deleted or archived

For example, if a piece of feedback was tagged ‘Q4 2020 Goals’ and gets assigned to a specific User Need, it will no longer exist in your Team Inbox. However, all feedback can always be found in the ‘All Feedback’ section. This process for triaging feedback ensures you to focus on the new feedback that still needs to be reviewed. Inbox zero ftw!

User Response Reporting

Ever wish you knew exactly which users viewed, responded to, and commented on your Announcements, Surveys, or feature requests live for a vote? We’ve got you. We’ve added a new ‘Responses’ tab of Announcements, Surveys, and Promoted Requests which allows you to see a breakdown of user responses, such as which users have viewed, voted, and commented. 

Did you send a survey and receive a negative response? Click on the user who responded negatively to get a better idea as to why. Maybe they’ve got an outstanding request that is focused on a different area of the product, or a bug report that hasn’t been taken care of. This update gives you a quick snapshot of who is responding to your discovery efforts and the context into how they responded.

Upload Existing Feedback

The goal of Parlor is to get all of your disconnected feedback into a single system of record. Now, you can upload a CSV file of feedback to Parlor so that all of your pre-existing feedback can be organized into a single system. When uploading feedback, you can attach it to existing users, or assign it to an ‘Unknown User’. Why? We want to make sure that every piece of feedback is getting associated with the correct user and that nothing gets lost in the ether; so by assigning feedback to a user, we ensure that you always know exactly who is requesting what. 

As part of this, we’ve redesigned how you upload users to Parlor as well. Now, when you upload a list of users into Parlor, we can automatically update a user’s information if we find a match for a user already in Parlor based on their UID or email provided. This ensures that there are no duplicate user profiles within your Parlor account and pieces of feedback are associated with the correct users. 

Introducing Company Lists

We’ve also updated how you can view companies and prioritize feedback. Along with sorting feedback by ‘Users’ and ‘Groups’, you can now also sort by ‘Company’. This Company List allows you to see the renewal date of every company that uses your software, along with the number of requests and VIP requests submitted by users at that company, and the associated Revenue and Opportunity Revenue of requests submitted by users at that company. Got a high impact company that has a renewal date coming up? You might want to take a look at what their VIP Users are requesting to help reduce the chance of churn.

That’s all for now, folks! Got any questions? Concerns? Confusions? Feel free to reach out to us – we’d be happy to clarify anything! Be sure to sign up below to stay in touch and receive email updates whenever we launch something new and exciting.