2021 has been a busy year for us! From overhauling our Revenue system to a brand new Priorities Overview dashboard to a slew of bug fixes, we’re constantly working to make the best product possible for our favorite folks (our customers, of course!) Check out a summary of all the exciting new things we’ve pushed out in the first few months of 2021.

Revenue Reporting

We’ve overhauled the revenue system in Parlor to provide you with better reporting of your current revenue, open opportunities, and upcoming renewals. Now, whenever an Opportunity from your CRM is pulled into Parlor, you’ll be able to view the Account and all relevant Opportunity information directly in Parlor, which will be automatically updated anytime there’s a change in your CRM.

Priority Management – Custom Properties + Overview

Begin using the new Overview section on your Priorities as a home base to store all relevant information so that everyone is on the same page.

Take things a step further by using custom properties on your Priorities to create specific views that help organize and plan your teams current, upcoming, and future work. Whether you want to align your Priorities in Parlor to business objectives or product releases, use custom properties to create a workspace that fits your needs.

Dynamic Segmentation

Now you can automatically create User Segments in Parlor based on your users’ behavior within your product. Set the conditions in which a user can be added to your Dynamic Group, such as after a user has encountered an event 3 times.

Customer Overview + My Customer Overview

Customer Overview provides you a single view of all your customer and revenue data in Parlor. You’ll be able to monitor the status of the different phases of the customer lifecycle your customers are in from new to up for renewal.

For folks that are responsible for specific customers, assign yourself as an Account Owner for the accounts you’re responsible for (if you haven’t already) to get access to your ‘My Customer Overview’ dashboard, which is a personalized view of your customers.

What’s next for Customer Management?

Today’s release is the first of many updates for Customer Management. Next, we’ll be adding Account Tasks to enable you to track and complete the many to-dos required to ensure your users’ success.

Feedback Sidebar

Tired of jumping between a piece of feedback and a User Need? Yeah, us too. Now when viewing feedback within a User, Account, or User Need sidebar, selecting the feedback displays the new feedback sidebar instead of jumping you to the Feedback Inbox.

Promoted Request Updates

When putting a request up for vote amongst your users, you can now share that request with specific user segments you’ve created in Parlor. This can come in handy when you want to put a request up for vote that’s only relevant to a specific segment of users.

For an extra layer of user privacy, you can now select the “Hide User’s Name” toggle to keep the user who submitted the feedback anonymous to your other users.

Other Improvements:

  • Users & Groups is now named Customer Management
  • Announcements text editor update – we’ve added a new rich text editor that you can now use when creating and editing announcements.
  • Feedback Trends updates – create Feedback, User Needs, and Themes anywhere within Feedback Trends with the new ‘Add Something’ button. We’ve also added new filter and view options everywhere your User Needs are displayed.
  • Add/Edit Feedback Modal updates – now you can use rich text formatting and add media (images and videos) when creating feedback on the Parlor dashboard.
  • Surveys – Free text response over email – when sending your surveys over email, you can now enable Free text responses so that your customers can add
  • The Parlor widget will now displayed the Connected Tools section without the need for an Announcement or Request up for vote.

Phew, is that it?? Hey, like I said, it’s been a busy year from us! Got any questions or requests? Feel free to shoot us an email- we’d love to hear from you!

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