We’ve designed Parlor to ensure it can fit seamlessly within your product experience and brand. From custom branding and fonts to user permissions and integrated tools, Parlor allows you to customize all the fine details to your heart’s content. Below we’ll look at a few different examples of how teams could customize Parlor. Feel free to reference those for inspiration of your own customization.

Example 1: The Lean Fighting Machine – Indigo Agriculture

One of our customers, Indigo Ag, drew inspiration from their industry (agricultural technology) for their Panel’s primary aesthetic. In addition to this premium branding overhaul, Indigo connected a single 3rd party tool to provide their users customer support, i.e. a live chat tool called Intercom. Unlike a lot of our customers, Indigo elected to not allow users to submit feature requests through Parlor. Instead, they decided to keep their Panel really focused on product announcements. All in all, the result is a highly branded, yet streamlined approach to a product town hall.

Icon/Logo: Indigo Agriculture

Background Image: Custom 

Header Font: Open Sans

Body Font: Open Sans 

Example 2: – The Sweet Spot – InVision

In the below InVision sample, the Parlor panel was customized to as closely match their in-product UI as possible, relying on custom fonts and brand aesthetic to ensure users couldn’t tell the difference between Parlor and InVision. Unlike in the Indigo Ag example above, InVision has allowed users to submit and manage their feature requests directly through the Parlor Panel. This presents a few benefits: 1) it streamlines and personalizes the feedback collection process, 2) gives users transparency into the status of their requests over time, and 3) leverages Parlor to require users to prioritize their requests whenever they submit a new one. In the same way Indigo integrated their live chat tool, Intercom, in this example, Invision has integrated their support ticketing system, Zendesk. However, they also have a proprietary knowledge base so users with questions can immediately be routed to this resource whenever they’re in need. This example is the most common customization format for Parlor customers today. 

Icon/Logo: InVision

Background Image: Custom design

Header Font: Grotesque MT Std

Body Font: Grotesque MT Std

Example 3: The Whole 9 Yards – Transparent Language 

Our last example is another Parlor customer, Transparent Language, which builds adaptive language-learning technology for large enterprise organizations across multiple sectors. Given the formality of their average customer, the Transparent product team opted for a more subdued aesthetic while still ensuring it was still on brand. However, unlike in the original Indigo example, Transparent decided to integrate multiple external tools to ensure that everything their users need can be found in one location inside their product. In addition to announcements and feature requests that were included in the InVision example, Transparent also allows users to vote on other users’ feature requests directly within their panel. They didn’t stop there; Transparent also integrated their support tool (Hubspot), language blog, and a YouTube video series so that their users have everything they need in their language-learning journey.

Icon/Logo: Emoji

Background Image: Brand Primary Color

Header Font: Hind

Body Font: Hind

We’re always here to help. If you have questions or want some guidance on how to customize your Town Hall, feel free to reach out to your Discovery Specialist at any time. I’m also happy to chat at cameron@parlor.io