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Boston Office

Our Team

Keith Frankel Photograph Keith Frankel Photograph

Keith Frankel

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Jason Zopf Photograph Jason Zopf Photograph

Jason Zopf

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Jonah Stuart Photograph Jonah Stuart Photograph

Jonah Stuart

Chief Design Officer & Co-founder

Louise Au Yeung Photograph Louise Au Yeung Photograph

Louise Au Yeung

VP of Engineering & Co-founder

Yonas Dinkneh Photograph Yonas Dinkneh Photograph

Yonas Dinkneh

Product Manager

Cameron Curry Photograph Cameron Curry Photograph

Cameron Curry

Group Product Manager

Casey Paxton Photograph Casey Paxton Photograph

Casey Paxton

Content Marketing Specialist

Ivan K. Photograph

Ivan K.

Software Engineer

Arshan N. Photograph

Arshan N.

Software Engineer

Maria L. Photograph

Maria P.

Software Engineer

Vazgen L. Photograph

Vazgen V.

Software Engineer

Aram L. Photograph

Aram S.

Software Engineer

Siri G. Photograph

Siri G.

Software Engineer

Our Principles

More than just an aspirational culture code, we appreciate people who embody our principles and challenge our approach.

Always assume positive intent.

Whether you're talking to a team member, a customer, or anyone else, always enter the conversation believing the other party has good intentions. We're all on the same team.

Dissent is constructive.

We want to foster a culture where all view dissent and disagreement as powerful tools which ultimately make our work better. However, once a decision has been made, everyone should rally behind that decision as if it was their own.

Be willing to burn all the boats.

Don't let what we've done in the past be baggage for future decision making. Feel comfortable considering radical new trajectories, even if they run contrary to decisions made or work completed previously.

Be available, but don’t babysit.

We want our team to feel they can reach out for help – both in terms of work to be done and emotionally in need. But we also want people to be courageous enough to figure things out on their own.

Passivity not allowed.

Don't allow passivity to be a blocker for progress. If you need something in order to move forward, asking once isn't an excuse for a failure to do so. Continue to ring the alarm for the things you need.

Our Story
So far

A tale of two startups, four founders, and 260 early backers.

Keith, Jason, Jonah, & Louise meet while working at Firecracker, an early-stage ed-tech startup in Boston!
Trying to stay bootstrapped, the team begins experimenting with ways to validate the impact of new features before they write any code.
Light Bulb Moment
Eureka! An ah ha moment occurs, and the team gets to work on their idea.
Success! It works! Product Discovery is born.
Over 3 years, the team continues to refine and rely on their newfound system. The result: Firecracker gets acquired!
The team agrees they haven't had enough of each other and want to turn their success at Firecracker into a repeatable playbook for other teams.
is born and the MVP is underway!
The team decides to run an equity crowdfunding campaign. 260 backers help make it the most successful campaign for a B2B software company to date!
Flying rocket ship
Parlor launches out of beta, acquires its first customers, and is profitable in its first year.
Shaking hands
Parlor partners with Bain Capital Ventures and a collection of west-coast product leaders to take Parlor to the next stage.
The team moves into its first office – across from North Station in downton Boston – and begins filling up the desks with new teammates!

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Keith Frankel

CEO, Parlor


Keith Frankel photography