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background square decoratve pink dots User Relationship Management connects data for a clear picture of your accounts and the people behind them.
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Parlor is your single system of record for capturing user insights across the entire customer journey, surfacing any unmet needs,
indicators of risk, and
opportunities for expansion.

User Relationship Management - Customer Management, Feedback Management, Priority Management

How User Relationship Management with Parlor works.

Parlor captures user insights stored across all of your disconnected teams and tools – such as CRM, support, and analytics – and then aggregates those insights to align your Success, Support, and Product teams around a single source of truth.

Customer Management dashboard with Account Record

Customer Management

Monitor your customers across all of your critical lifecycle stages, track the status of any of their unmet needs, and identify a number of key risk indicators early enough for your CSMs to intervene.

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The kind of question Parlor can answer:

Which enterprise-tier customers that I’m responsible for have been blocked from moving beyond their current lifecycle stage by an outstanding need that my product team just released?

Feedback Management

Organize all feedback into a single system of record, quantify the highest impact needs, and automatically close the loop with users.

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The kind of question Parlor can answer:

What is the most commonly requested product enhancement from our highest paying customers who have a renewal date in 90 days and the decision maker of which has negative NPS?

prioritizing features in Parlor
Priority Management dashboard

Priority Management

Plan and visualize your product efforts in a customizable workspace that natively connects to relevant customer revenue and feedback, allowing full transparency into what’s being prioritized and why.

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The kind of question Parlor can answer:

Which of our strategic quarterly product goals has the highest number of customer requests, and who are those users so I can reach out to conduct a user interview about their needs?

Streamline your tools, simplify your workflow, and unite your internal teams.

Parlor is designed to work both independently and directly with the tools that matter to you, including your CRM, live chat, ticketing systems, JIRA, and Slack. So, however you choose to use Parlor, we’ll ensure that all important customer information can be aggregated into a single source of truth, aligning your teams and surfacing the insights needed to prioritize their work.

Integrate with your favorite CRM, Customer Support tool, or Product Management tool

Why User Relationship Management?

Today, teams focus on completely different atomic units. For Sales, opportunities. For Success, accounts. For Support, tickets. And for Product, priorities. Worse, each team uses dozens of disconnected solutions to manage these atomic units – from the CRM to Jira, and everything in between. This divide is the single most important reason why teams are unable to answer critical questions about their customers and businesses.

So we created User Relationship Management. URM acknowledges that at the heart of each of the atomic units our siloed teams care about is one shared foundation that unites everyone: your users. Parlor’s URM tracks every individual user’s relationship to your product, teams, and business, and then aggregates those insights into the atomic units that your teams care about – ensuring organization-wide alignment.

where URM fits in with your tools

Customer Case Studies

For Product Teams
Transparent Language

Parlor just fills a gap in so many different ways; with Trello, and AirTable, and Excel, and Confluence documents, and Jira, and anything else you can think of. There’s so many ways you can try to sit down and gather all this user feedback coming in from everywhere, and Parlor’s the first tool that I feel like just does it for you.

For Customer Teams
Transparent Language

We see Parlor as a collaboration tool that everybody, regardless of their team or expertise, can use. It opens up communication channels between teams that weren’t there before, which is what I think makes it valuable.