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Feedback Management in Parlor
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Parlor organizes all feedback into a single system of record, quantifies the highest impact needs, and automatically closes the loop with your users.

manage and organize your feedback in parlor

Collect & Organize

Aggregate feedback from any source – product, support, or sales – into a single system of record to catalogue critical feedback trends.

Popular features:

• Customizable in-moment surveys

• In-product feature requests & bug reports

• Live chat, Slack, and support ticketing integrations

Validate & Prioritize

Identify the most pervasive and impactful user needs, prioritized by request volume, revenue, and customer sentiment.

Popular features:

• User voting on requests

• Salesforce and JIRA integrations

• Merge similar feedback to clearly quantify impact.

prioritizing features in Parlor
Close the loop by updating your users when the their requested featurs go live

Communicate & Educate

Parlor closes the loop by automatically communicating progress and improvements back to users as their individual needs are addressed.

Popular features:

• In-app release notes

• Dynamically segmented user cohorts

• Automatic status updates on user requests

Streamline your tools, simplify your workflow, and unite your teams around your users' needs.

Parlor connects directly to the tools that matter, including live chat, ticketing systems, CRMs, JIRA, and Slack. So, all important customer information can be used to measure the impact of collected feedback, which allows your PMs to prioritize their work.

Integrate with your favorite CRM, Customer Support tool, or Product Management tool
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Parlor just fills a gap in so many different ways; with Trello, and AirTable, and Excel, and Confluence documents, and Jira, and anything else you can think of. There’s so many ways you can try to sit down and gather all this user feedback coming in from everywhere, and Parlor’s the first tool that I feel like just does it for you.